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Draw with us!

Drawing is a proven way to fix information in the brain. Follow along with our short informational videos and step-by-step drawing lessons to place valuable spiritual lessons in your long-term memory. These lessons are part of our 13-part series airing on 3ABN. When you have completed your drawing, feel free to share on our Facebook group page:

 1.a.  Watch How Do you Know You Can Trust the Bible?

    b.  Draw a scroll.

2. a. Watch God's Big Reveal. 

     b. Draw Patmos where Revelation was written.

3. a. Watch Speeding Around the Globe.

    b. Draw a feather pen and inkpot.
4. a. Watch Nothing to Fear. 

     b. Draw balance scales.

5. a. Watch Great Disappointment or Great Revelation?

    b. Draw a pioneer couple

6. a. Watch Secret of the Shell.

     b. Draw a whelk shell.  

7. a.  Tell someone your favorite part of God's creation.

    b. Draw a dolphin

8. a.  Watch How to Open and Close the Sabbath

     b. Draw a Great Blue Heron. 

9. a. Watch The Story of the UnHappy King.

     b. Draw the Image of Daniel 2. 

10. a. Watch The MInd Hand Connection

      b. Draw an old well.  

11.  a.  Watch The Story of the Banty.

      b. Draw Jesus in the manger

12. a. Watch The Three Angels Theme Song.

      b. Draw three angels flying in the sky. 

Your students will  be drawn closer to Christ as they participate in this five-day series focused on the creative power of God and the first angel's call to worship Him who made heaven and earth. Be sure your children are ready with their pencils and crayons, because each video ends with an opportunity to draw!

This week of prayer series leads students to make relevant and personal applications of the three angels’ messages to their lives today. Through everyday stories of interest to children, Dr. Doran holds her audience captive as she leads them to Jesus. Videos are participatory, with opportunities to stop and discuss points along the way.


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Please be patient with us as we get our new curriculum posted to the website. In the meantime, just click on the button below for the list of products and call AdventSource directly to order.

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