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Always a Journey

A project completed. Ah! Such a good feeling. But is anything ever really finished? Can we ever conclude the journey is complete?

After spending more than a year on the Three Angels for Kids and Three Angels for Today curriculum, I allowed myself the luxury of taking a breath. Things were falling into place. The The designer had done an outstanding job. Now it was time to generate new ideas, create fresh projects, delve back into brainstorming, visioning, writing, designing. . .

And then the feedback began to arrive. Might we do more for PreK students? Could our repertoire of puppets be expanded? And then there were the tweaks. A broken link here. A stubborn video refusing to start there. . .

And so the revisions began. We are proud to announce the addition of two puppets to our PreK-2 curriculum. We've also added an addendum to the Teacher's Guide, with new instructions, added activities, and colorful vocab cards that include pictures for PreK students.

Life is about listening. Taking suggestions. And refining. Can we ever say we are finished? I don't think so. In fact, the idea of arriving at a place where we stop growing and improving is a confining construct.

Making changes takes time. Reflection. Openness. Effort. A willingness to stop, think, incorporate new ideas, polish, and deliver.

Much like this project, the Christian walk is a journey. Is the Spirit nudging you today? Are there areas of growth waiting to be addressed? Are trusted friends speaking into your life? Do you find it easier to move forward, ignoring the call to examine, reflect, and revise? Stop for a moment. Breath a prayer. And let the refining begin.

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