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Creation by Design

The first angel's message points us to the marvels of God's creation and His right to be worshipped. To help our high school students grasp the complexity of creation, we begin by showing them a Ruberg Goldberg machine. Students marvel at the ingenious workings of the human mind that is able to put together such an elaborate process.

Then, we move into the application. At its best, man's creative genius doesn't even scratch the surface when it comes to the all-powerful, all-encompassing, complexity of God's creative power. Watch the video below to get a small taste of our high school micro-unit, "The First Angel's Call to Worship." You may just decide to use it for your youth group, adult Bible study, or homeschoolers. And, as always, you can download our teacher's guide and slides for free. That's all you need to introduce your class to the marvels of God's creation and the first angel's call to worship Him.

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