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Jesus Hold Me

Just as a father has compassion on his children, So the LORD has compassion on those who fear Him. Psalm 103:13

His temperature continued to rise. 102, 103, 105.3. Now two-year-old Jairon was in the danger zone. Shelton lovingly did all he could to relieve his son’s discomfort while his wife, Nina called the doctor and quickly dressed baby Nia for a hurried trip to the next town. Adrenalin was pumping as the family scurried from room to room, gathering the two children and praying for the Lord’s intervention.

In the midst of the rush to leave the house, Jairon spoke in a soft voice, “Mommy hold me.” His mother cradled him close, her love reaching out to God for help. Outside, a biting winter wind whipped their coats as the family made their way down the icy walk.

I waited at home, praying for the Lord to save my grandson. How could my family make it to the doctor’s office in time with eight inches of snow on the ground and slick ice freezing on the roads?

“Lord please be with them,” I prayed. “Give them peace and let them feel your loving arms around them.” I imagined Jairon, my energetic and vibrant little grandson, now quiet and lethargic as his father accelerated down the road, his hands gripping the wheel in fear and determination.

When children get sick, parents drop everything and lovingly cuddle, comfort and get the necessary medical attention to relieve their suffering child so that health can be restored. Jesus, our loving Savior and Master Physician is unceasingly present to comfort, heal and restore. As our Creator, He loves His children and finds no pleasure in their suffering. When we request physical, emotional or spiritual healing, He lovingly attends to our needs and provides what is best.

No matter what happens in our lives, we can say “Jesus hold me” and find comfort in His loving arms as He dispenses the medicine needed for that moment. It may not always be “tasty cherry flavored” and it may not bring immediate healing, but He will continue to stay right with us through it all.

With the examination completed and prayers still ascending, Jairon’s temperature began to subside. After several hours, the once active Jairon was running, jumping, and laughing again.

Jesus, thank you for your love and the peace that can be ours in knowing that you are carrying and holding us when life is more than we can handle. As we go through challenges, help us to continue to grow in patience and the faith of Jesus.

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