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Three Angels and You

Updated: May 4, 2023

How much do you know about the three angels' messages? Can you share comfortably and confidently with a non-believer? What is your personal response to Revelation 14?

2023 is a significant year for Seventh-day Adventists. The three angels are flying quickly as the word is spread in novel ways.

  • Sabbath School. Our new quarterly, written by Mark Finley, provides fresh, new lessons to help ground us in Revelation 14's message so we can share with others.

  • Publishing. Pacific Press has released UpDraft, a unique new book-length parable about the workings of the Holy Spirit, an open-air series of meetings on Revelation 14, and the response of a seaside community.

  • Education. More and more schools are embracing our Three Angels for Kids curriculum and reporting heart-warming stories about the joy and excitement of children from PreK through high school. "Finishing Strong," a week of prayer for schools across the NAD, featured Three Angels for Kids and the messages of Revelation 14.

  • Evangelism. Churches and schools alike are holding meetings to present Revelation's grace-filled messages to their world. Ozark Academy has launched their own student-led evangelism on the three angels' messages for the study body and plans to take this to the community in the fall.

  • Television Ministries. Our thirteen-series program on the three angels' messages for kids has been recorded at the 3ABN studios and should air later this year.

  • Pathfinders and Adventurers. New honors on the three angels' messages have been approved and will be featured at the upcoming camporee in Gillette, Wyoming next year.

What about you? How much do you know about the three angels' messages? What is your personal response to Revelation 14? How can you be more aware of what you know and what you need to know? Answer the five questions below to get started.

Yes/No. I can summarize the three angels' messages into one clear, positive statement.

Yes/No. I can give a concise, grace-filled explanation of each message to a non-believer.

Yes/No. I am not afraid of the judgment.

Yes/No. I can connect the seventh-day Sabbath, the first angel's message, and Genesis 1.

Yes/No. I have faith that Jesus' grace will give me the strength to stand when Babylon falls.

How did you do? Now might be a good time to refresh and re-commit to understanding and embracing God's end-time messages of hope, grace, and love.

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I really want to share the three angels message to kids. I have a group of children in the community where I am. How can I access your materials?

Replying to

Thank you for asking. It may be difficult to get our materials shipped to you right now, but we do have some good resources you can access via YouTube. If you go to our Resources TAB on the website, you will be directed to some videos on our YouTube channel that you can use to share the three angels messages with kids. God bless!

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